July 14, 2024 3:12 am

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July 14, 2024 3:12 am

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How Pick Up and Drop Off Services Can Benefit Your Business

People simply love online shopping. It is easy, convenient and hassle free. Items that may be out of stock at a brick-and-mortar store are easy to find virtually, with rapid delivery.

Unfortunately, thieves love online shoppers. Known as porch pirates, these brazen criminals will swoop down and pilfer your packages while you’re out and about, or even at home.

A great way to prevent these thefts and boosting profits in the meantime is making your store a parcel Pickup and Drop Off (PUDO) point. There are definite advantages to a merchant’s bottom line by giving people the option to drop and pick up their packages at a pharmacy, convenience store, deli, gym and any other number of establishments. It is an upsell for the business and a convenient way for customers to receive and ship items at their leisure and without worry.  

Depending on space and other factors, merchants have the option of offering customers smart lockers. These designated areas for PUDO are accessed by PIN codes and further increase convenience by allowing people to skip waiting in line.

Be sure to promote and market your service. Business owners should have a prominent sign on the window and inside the store, as well as using other marketing methods. Merchants will benefit as people who pick up or drop off packages may do some shopping while they’re at it. Offering this convenience can also increase your customer base through word of mouth.

There are other reasons why including PUDO as part of your establishment is beneficial to you and your customers. The explosion of online buying also means a great number of returns, which adds to the increased foot traffic in your store. Often an online retailer requires the customer to drop off the package in order to obtain a free return. Customers can do this while going about their daily routine.

Shoppers appreciate the flexibility of shipping or dropping off packages at their convenience. Plus, this streamlined delivery process reduces missed deliveries and failed attempts when people are not home to sign for a package, which is then put back on the delivery truck.

In addition, you may want to collaborate with other businesses to establish PUDO points. This can create partnership opportunities and expand your establishment’s network. It is another way to increase your brand visibility and gain exposure to new customer segments.

PUDO points even have an environmental benefit. They decrease carbon dioxide emissions by reducing parcel delivery truck trips to consumers’ homes. A PUDO shop is an ideal choice for environmentally conscious customers.

As a PUDO point, you will see increased foot traffic from loyal customers in addition to new consumers. Patrons old and new alike will most times buy items in your store when they come to drop off or pick up packages.

Overall, offering PUDO equals more sales and new patrons. It can enhance the shopping experience for your customers, streamline operations, and increase sales and customer loyalty among existing and new patrons.

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